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PSC3-OXY Portable Oxygen Analyzer

PSC3-OXY Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Industrial Process Control & Monitoring

  • Portable carrying case option for the 4401OXY Oxygen Analyzer
  • Measures natural gas samples down to trace ppm levels within minutes.
  • Includes sample system with filtration and drain for wet gas measurements
  • Quick connect bulkhead inlet and outlet
  • LOD = 0.5 ppm O2 gas phase
  • No membranes to foul; No electrolytes to poison; No consumption of O2
  • No cross-sensitivity or damage by: CO2, H2S, NH3, NO2, ethanol, or methanol

The PSC3-OXY provides a portable carrying case for trace level oxygen measurement in the field. The self-contained ruggedized and weather resistant case includes sample conditioning for wet, dirty natural gas with quick connect fittings for the sample inlet and outlet. The PSC3-OXY seamlessly integrates with the reliable Barben 4401OXY optical oxygen analyzer, BOS FIBERSENSE oxygen sensor, and PT1000 RTD (all included).

PSC3-OXY Oxygen Analyser Case          PSC3-OXY O2 Analyzer Case with Lid          PSC3-OXY Dimensions

Barben Analytical’s 4401OXY analyzer optically measures oxygen by utilizing the quenched luminescence of an oxygen specific luminophore. It provides a NEMA 4X rating and is suitable for hazardous areas (Class I, Division 2).

BOS optical oxygen sensors are impervious to typical O2 poisons (H2S) and interferences (combustibles, magnetic, CO2 and H2) with quick response, high accuracy and long-term stability. Accurate measurements are achieved without the need for scrubbers or other advanced sample conditioning systems.
Typical Applications
  • O2 measurements in natural gas pipelines
  • O2 leak detection at compressors
  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) testing
  • Trace level oxygen in flare gas Note: Limit of Detection: 0.5 ppm O2 @ 1atm, 20ºC (0.0005 hPa)

  • Cord wrap hooks for storage of power cord or gas sample tubing
  • UL rated power cord plug with locking engagement
  • Detachable door for easy use
  • Sample System for wet, dirty gases
  • 15μ particulate filter
  • 0 to 30 PSIG pressure regulator with gauge
  • Coalescing filter with visible drain and valve
  • 0 to 8 SLPM flowmeter
  • Inlet: Quick connect stem SS-QC4-D1-400
  • Outlet: Quick connect female SS-QC4-B1-400

Principle of Operation

The PSC-OXY includes Barben’s proven 4401OXY optical oxygen analyzer. The 4401OXY is a phase fluorometric analyzer that utilizes phase modulation to evaluate the luminescent decay time of an oxygen specific luminophore to calculate oxygen concentration. The sensor has a small luminophore embedded in a polymeric matrix at the end of a fiber optic cable allowing for an extremely sensitive and accurate measurement of the partial pressure of oxygen that is applicable in both gas phase and liquid phase.

The analyzer uses an LED to emit blue light through fiber optic cable down the sensor tip [Fig 1]. The sensor tip contains the luminophore which absorbs the energy and rises to an excited state. In the absence of oxygen the excited luminophore will fall back to its ground state at a specific rate and in the process emits a red shifted light which is transmitted to the analyzer (spectrometer) via the optic cable where it is detected by a photomultiplier tube. When oxygen is present it quenches the fluorescence at a rate proportional to the oxygen concentration [Fig 2.]. The phase shift between the excitation source and the fluorescent signal is measured and the oxygen concentration is calculated [Fig 3].

Figure 2

Effect of oxygen quenching

Figure 3
AC Modulation & phase shifted output

Power Options

The PSC-OXY comes pre-wired for either AC or DC power. A male quick connect plug on a short length of cable [fig 4] is included within the carry case. A female receptacle is supplied to allow the customer to wire to their own power supply. Both plug and receptacle are UL rated for full load.
Barben Analytical highly recommends that power conditioning be used if the external power supply could have variable voltage.

Figure 4

Quick connect plug & receptacle