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Refining Industry

  • DeSalter Wash Water & Effluent
    DeSalter Wash Water & Effluent (pH/ORP)

    Application Note - pH Measurement in the Refinery Desalter. The desalter is one of the first steps in preparing crude oil for distillation. As the name implies, the main purpose of the desalter is to remove salt impurities from the crude.

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  • Merox Mercaptan Removal
    Merox - Mercaptan Removal (pH/ORP & Oxygen)

    Barben Analytical Performance Series pH sensors are the most reliable pH sensor for Merox applications. Barben Analytical's OXYvisor Oxygen Analyzer has increased reliability, better accuracy and faster response in Merox gas measurement applications.

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  • Sour Water Stripper
    Sour Water Stripper (pH/ORP)

    Application Note - pH Measurement in the sour water stripper. “Stripping” the H2S from water utilizes a gas stream to force the H2S and Ammonia (NH3) out of solution and into the gas phase.

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  • Wet Gas FCC Scrubber
    Wet Gas FCC Scrubber (pH/ORP)

    Application Note - pH measurement and control in FCC Refinery Scrubbers. pH is one of the main measurements in the wet gas scrubber. The flue gas flow rate and changing crude oil feedstock can vary the concentrations of SO2.

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  • Vapor Recovery Units
    Vapor Recovery Units (Oxygen)

    Application Note discussing the increasing role of vapor recovery units in Upstream oil & gas and the need for oxygen measurement. Oilfield production has traditionally captured high value crude oil while venting or flaring lesser-value natural gas.

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