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Barben Analytical offers a broad range of fittings and sensor cables to make sure your product will function properly in any application.  Many process fittings are available in a variety of corrosion resistant metals as well as high performance plastics.
  • Standard Accessories +

    • Compression Fittings
      Compression Fittings
      • Compression fittings allow for a "Hot-Tap" sensor to be inserted and retracted while the process line is in operation at pressure. Hand tight and wrench tight options are available with a large choice of industrial metals and seals. Used with 547 and 567 Hot-Tap sensors.
    • HP Housing
      High Pressure Housings
      • High pressure inline housings are used with 547 cartridge style sensors to allow for use in up to 2500 psig processes. The process connection is 1" MNPT with options for 316 SS, Ti-GR2 and Hastelloy-C276 wetted materials. Several insertion lengths are available.
    • High Purity Flow Cell
      In-Line Flow Cells
      • Inline Flow Cells with Quick Adapter simplify insertion/retraction for maintenance and calibration without pipe-threads or tools. Available in 316 SS or Ti-GR2 with 1/2" FNPT or 1/4" T inlet/outlet and a separate 1/4" FNPT drain/test port.
    • Ball Valves
      Isolation Ball Valves
      • Isolation ball valve kits can be purchased for the "Hot-Tap" retractable sensors 547 and 567. The kits include the Ball Valve (1-1/2" or 1-1/4" Full port) in either 316 SS or Kynar, a close nipple for process connection and reducer to get from the compression fitting into the ball valve.
    • Jet Cleaner
      Jet Cleaners
      • Jet cleaners deliver pressurized air or liquid to the tip of the sensor as part of an automatic cleaning system for submersible sensors. Air (~15 psig) is the preferred method, delivering a vigorous cleaning at the sensor tip. Liquid trap option keeps sensors wet in case of intermittent low water levels.
    • Junction Box
      Junction Boxes
      • Junction Box's (JB's) can be mounted directly to the back of a sensor (546, 547, 551) or remotely, to mate the integral pH/ORP sensor with an extension cable or to simply protect the signal cable in conduit. JB's are available as CPVC (4-port) or a powder coated aluminum (2-port), weatherproof box.
    • Nut Lock Adapter
      Nut Lock Adapters
      • Inline nut lock or "Quick-Adapters" simplify insertion/retraction for maintenance and calibration without pipe-threads or tools. Available in several industrial plastic and metals with a 1" MNPT process connection. Required accessory for 551 sensors.
    • Brush Scrubber
      • Submersible brush scrubbers work like jet cleaners with the added advantage of rotating soft "brushes" to physically help with the cleaning. The brushes help clean the glass and sensor tip by using the propulsion from the air or liquid cleaning fluid.
    • Extension Cables
      Sensor Extension Cables
      • pH/ORP sensor extension cables extend the cable run between the sensor and the analyzer. They are recommended for any cable runs over 30 feet. Using extension cables will prevent pulling long cable lengths through conduit and reduce costs during sensor replacement (shorter sensor cables).
    • Sheath Sets
      Sheath Sets
      • Sheath sets are used with the cartridge style 547 pH/ORP sensor to make it into a Hot-Tap retractable sensor. The sheath set includes the sensor mating and inner seals while also provided that metallic outer body for insertion length and the compression fitting. Several lengths and material are available.
    • Stop Lock Fitting
      Stop Lock Fittings
      • Stop lock fittings are used in place of common compression fitting with the 567 Hot-Tap sensor to make a 100% non-metallic industrial pH sensor.
  • Documentation +