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BOS SAFETAP Retractable Sensors

The BOS SAFETAP is a retractable or “hot tap” Optical Oxygen Sensor. The sensing tip can be inserted through the ½” ball valve up to 4 inches into process pipelines and vessels. When sensor maintenance is required the sensor can be easily retracted Safe-T-Handle and isolated from the process through a ball valve. The BOS SAFETAP can be used in processes up to 750 PSIG (51.7 bar). Built in tubing ports allow for insitu calibration and purge when the sensor is retracted.

BOS SAFETAP Retractable O2 Sensors

BOS3 Oxygen Ranges
  • 0 to 300ppm with 1000ppm overrange (gas)

BOS1 Oxygen Ranges
  • 0.002% to 4.2% (gas)
  • 1ppb to 1.8ppm (liquid)

BOS2 Oxygen Ranges
  • 0.21% to 25% (gas)
  • 15ppb to 22ppm (liquid)
Often oxygen measurement on external sample lines are not feasible. For in-line applications Barben Analytical offers the BOS SAFETAP retractable optical oxygen sensors. The BOS SAFETAP is designed to manually insert and retract (hot tap) from the process through a ball valve assembly. The free rotating safe-T-handle provides a secure gripping surface to manually insert the optical sensor into applications up to 450 PSIG. The BOS SAFETAP includes a security hook that catches the safe-T-handle to prevent unintended retraction. An additional compression gland using proven Conax® sealing technology provide additional insurance against unintended retraction. In normal operation the BOS SAFETAP is rated up to pressures of 750 PSIG (51.7 Bar). When sensor calibration or replacement is required the removable luminophore tip can be retracted through the ball valve which is used to isolate the sensor from the process. Tubing ports are included as part of the welded retraction housing so that purge and complete insitu calibration can be performed without removal of the oxygen sensor. The BOS SAFETAP oxygen sensor includes an integral PT100 RTD temperature sensor and replaceable luminophore window cap so that sensor service is simple and low cost.

BOS SAFETAP Retractable Optical Oxygen Sensor Specifications
 Valve Options:  316 stainless ball valve W.O.G., Optional 29" Hg full vacuum
 NACE MR0175 certified ball valve 
 Operating Pressure Rating:   750 PSIG (51.7 Bar) 
 Insertion / Retraction 
 Pressure Rating: 
 450 PSIG (31.0 Bar)
 Temperature Rating:     0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF) Operating, 90ºC (194ºF) non-continuous 
 Internal Seal Options:  Viton, EPDM, FFKM (Kalrez)