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Optical Oxygen

Barben Analytical offers optical oxygen analyzers utilizing quench luminescence technology. The analyzers measure 25% O2 down to trace, 0.5 ppm O2, suitable for use in Haz. Loc. areas (FM:CID2, TUV:ATEX Zone2) and process streams including hydrocarbons, H2, H2S, Salts, Amines and CO2 without degradation.  The sensors are membrane free and able to work in dirty, high particulate and high moisture streams.

The analyzer is suitable for direct field installation (NEMA 4X) in hazardous area (Class I, Division 2). The optical fiber sensor platform allows small inline sensors to be installed into sample tubing lines (1/4”), flow cells using NPT fittings, or directly into tanks or process lines using our retractable “hot tap” sensor design. BOS optical oxygen sensors are impervious to typical O2 poisons (H2S) and interferences (combustibles, magnetic, CO2 and H2) with high accuracy and long-term stability measurements without the need for complex or advanced sample conditioning systems. The threaded version of the optical sensor has optional Dual Seal (ANSI/ISA 12.27.01) classification for high pressure applications up to 1200 PSIG (82.7 BAR).

The analyzer display and output units can be setup in either partial pressure (hPa or Torr) or in concentration (ppm or % O2) for the gas phases along with hPa, ppm or ppb for dissolved oxygen in liquid phase.

  • Excellent long term stability and low drift
  • Measurement inherently fails high if sensor damaged (no false zero)
  • LOD = 0.5 ppm O2 gas phase
  • No membranes to foul; No electrolytes to poison; No consumption of O2
  • Hazardous area approvals: FM, CSA, ATEX, UL and CE
  • No cross-sensitivity or damage caused by: CO2, H2S, NH3, NO2, heavy metals, ethanol, methanol or ionic species pH, S2-, SO42-, Cl-, salinity or turbidity
  • Measurement independent of flow velocity

  • Oxygen Analyzer
    OXYvisor™ Oxygen Analyzer

    The OXYvisor optical oxygen Analyzer is Barben Analytical’s next generation solution for oxygen measurement in industrial applications.

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  • Oxygen Analyzer Systems
    Oxygen Analyzer Systems

    The SCP-OXY Sample Calibration Panel provides an easy, pre-engineered solution for gas phase applications. All related tubing, flow meters, valves, and gauges come pre-installed on the Sample Calibration Panel. Specify the panel, analyzer, BOS sensor, and RTD to get up and running quickly.

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  • Fiber Optic Sensors
    Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors

    The BOS optical sensors are available in three installation styles: BOS FIBERSENSE - 4mm sensor for small tubing installations, BOS FLEXSENSE - Threaded sensor with removable luminophore sensor cap, BOS SAFETAP - Retractable “hot tap” sensor. All three sensor styles can be built in any measurement range (BOS1, BOS2, BOS3).

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  • PSC3-OXY Portable Oxygen Analyzer
    PSC3-OXY Portable Oxygen Analyzer

    The PSC3-OXY provides a portable carrying case for trace level oxygen measurement in the field. The self-contained ruggedized and weather resistant case includes sample conditioning for wet, dirty natural gas with quick connect fittings for the sample inlet and outlet. The PSC3-OXY seamlessly integrates with the reliable Barben 4401OXY optical oxygen analyzer, BOS FIBERSENSE oxygen sensor, and PT1000 RTD (all included).

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  • 4401 Optical O2 Analyzer
    Legacy - Oxygen Analyzer (4401)

    The 4401 Optical Oxygen Analyzer provides some major advantages over traditional membrane style electrochemical sensors and zirconia cells.

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