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Conductivity Sensors

Barben Performance Series Sensor

Conductivity sensors measure the specific conductance of liquid processes. The specific conductance is directly related to the presence of ionic species and their concentration. Barben Analytical offers a full range of two electrode and four electrode contacting conductivity sensors for a variety of industrial measurement applications.

Two Electrode Conductivity Sensors

  • Designed for pure water and other low to medium conductivity applications
  • Threaded in-line, submersible, and “Hot Tap” retractable product options
  • Large range of cell constants to ensure the sensor range properly matches the application
  • Two electrode sensors are recommended for use in clean (non-coating) applications such as the following:
    1. Ultrapure Water
    2. Demineralized / Deionized Water
    3. Reverse Osmosis
    4. Water for Injection
    5. Boiler Water

Four Electrode Conductivity Sensors
  • Ideal for medium to high conductivity applications
  • A great low cost alternative to toroidal sensor technology
  • Additional electrode pair compensates for particulate and scale build-up
  • Threaded in-line, submersible, and “Hot Tap” retractable product options
  • Sensor diagnostics (analyzer dependent)
  • Typical applications include the following:
    1. Leak Detection
    2. Condensate Return
    3. Salinity
    4. Chemical Concentration
    5. Clean-In-Place

Compatibility with Several Vendor’s Electronics
  • Proven with major vendors of conductivity analyzers (Rosemount, ABB, Knick)
  • Improve your measurement by replacing only the sensor
  • Wiring information available

Industrial Mounting Options
  • Mounting fittings for sample line installations
  • Submersible cleaners and scrubbers
  • Ball Valve “Hot Tap” retraction solutions
  • Variety of materials for corrosive applications
  • Two Electrode Conductivity Sensor
    Two-Electrode Sensors

    Two electrode sensors provide a simple, time-proven method for conductivity measurement. Precision machined electrodes of various sizes (cell constants) are matched to the process based on their measurement range. Two electrode sensors are recommended for use in clean (non-coating) applications.

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  • Four Electrode Conductivity Sensors
    Four-Electrode Sensors

    As the name suggests, four electrode sensors add an additional pair of electrodes to the two electrode sensor design. This second pair of electrodes provides sensor diagnostics which can then be used to compensate the measurement if scale or particulate build-up occur on electrodes. Four electrode conductivity sensors can withstand coating and scale which might otherwise foul a traditional two electrode sensor.

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  • Fittings and Sensor Cables

    Barben Analytical offers a broad range of fittings and sensor cables to make sure your product will function properly in any application.

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