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567 pH/ORP Sensor with "All High Grade Wetted Plastics" Hot Tap

567 Plastic Hot Tap pH/ORP Sensor

Isolation Ball-Valve "Hot Tap" inline pH Sensor Applications

The 567 pH Sensor with "All High Grade Wetted Plastics" Hot Tap.
*567 Sensor Hot Tap assembly shown with optional PEEK Wrench Tight Stop Lock fitting.
  • 567 pH Sensor +

    567 pH Sensor

    • Kynar (PVDF) hot tap pH sensor for the most aggressive chemical applications (No wetted metallic components)
    • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
    • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases electrode lifespan in harsh applications
    • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
    • Specialized glass formulations
    • Universally compatible with all manufacturer's analyzers
    • (Actual Sensor color is white)

    For harsh chemical applications the insertion style 567 pH / ORP sensor provides a unique hot tap solution. The sensor requires no metallic sheath; instead a Kynar (PVDF) sensor body provides structural integrity and protects against exposure to chemical attack. The Kynar body combined with the Axial Ion Path™ reference and multiple glass electrode options make for a sensor well suited for strong acids, high caustic concentrations, and other industrial pH measurement applications where corrosion is an issue. Additional Sensor Info

  • Hand Tight Compression Fittings +

    Kynar Hand Tight Fitting         
    •  1 inch Male NPT process connection
    • O-ring options include Viton, EPDM, and FFKM
    • Tool-less fitting provides secure hold against process pressures up to 40 PSIG

        Additional Accessory Info

  • Wrench Tight Stop Lock Fittings +

    Wrench Tight Stop Lock Fitting         
    • Integrated Stop Lock collar provides additional insurance against high process pressure
    • O-ring options include Viton, EPDM, and FFKM
    • Available in PEEK wetted material

        Additional Accessory Info



  • Isolation Ball Valve Assemblies +

    Kynar Ball Valve         
    • All Kynar assembly with mounting nipple and reducer bushing
    • Safe method of isolating the sensor from the process pressure
    • 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch sizes
    • Significant cost savings over equivalent Titanium or Hastelloy valve assemblies

        Additional Accessory Info