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pH & ORP Sensors

pH Sensors, ORP Sensors & pH Probes

The Barben Analytical Performance Series products are 3rd generation combination pH/ORP electrodes targeted at harsh, industrial measurement applications. High pressures, strong chemicals, and elevated temperatures typically shorten the lifespan of conventional double-junction pH probes. In these applications the Performance Series sensor offers extended sensor lifespan, as well as decreased drift, and longer calibration intervals.

Each sensor is manufactured with our patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology, proprietary Low-Noise & High-Temp Signal Cable along with proprietary ruggedized, high temp and coat resistant glass formulations.

A wide selection of sensor body styles and process fittings in a variety of corrosion resistant materials allow direct replacement of short-lived OEM pH/ORP sensors. Barben Performance Series sensors are compatible with all major manufacturers of pH analyzers and transmitters. Upgrade your analytical measurement without the hassle and expense of replacing costly field instruments.

Axial Ion Path® Reference

  • Patented design increases sensor life, accuracy and reliability
  • High resistance to poison: Reduced calibration offset error
  • Large surface area reference junction eliminates plugging issues
  • Eliminates error due to fluctuating pressure
  • No exotic gel or polymer electrolyte which may be incompatible with the process

Barben Performance Series Sensor

Barben Performance Series Sensor

Performance Series sensor’s reference technology utilizes multiple innovations within the reference cell to greatly extend sensor life.

  • Multiple annular wood filtering junctions
  • Axial Ion Path® Communication Disks
  • Large volume of electrolyte
  • Large surface area Ag/AgCl reference element
  • Teflon junction

Typical Process Applications

Many industrial processes shorten pH/ORP sensor lifespan. Barben Performance Series sensors excel in applications that may have the following characteristics:

  • H2S (Sulfides)1
  • High Ion-Strength Solutions
  • Ammonia
  • Heavy Metals [Ag, Pb, Hg]2
  • Strong Caustics
  • Strong Acids
  • High Cyclic Pressures
  • High Temperature
  • Proteins1
  • Organics
  • Mercaptans1
  • Cyanides1
  • Iodides1
  • Bromines

1. Chemicals that react with Ag+ (Silver) and restrict traditional reference junction designs
2. Heavy metals which react with Cl- (Chloride) and reduce the voltage potential of the sensor.

Low Noise, High Temperature Cable

Since Performance Series sensors are often mounted directly into the process, all products are manufactured with proprietary low-noise, high temperature cable. Competitive designs may use low-temperature cable to reduce signal noise (thus de-rating the sensor). Alternately, when high temperature cable is improperly specified, triboelectric noise can cause signal error. Barben Analytical has developed a proprietary cable that can withstand 130°C (266°F) process temperatures while providing stable pH measurement.

Specialized Glass Formulations and Configurations

Barben glass pH measurement electrodes are designed with unique formulations to prevent coating and scaling. Additional coating resistant options further improve lifespan in strong caustic (NaOH) and silica applications. These special glass formulations are manufactured to precision impedance ranges to ensure the best balance between high strength signal, speed of response, structural integrity under high pressure, long life in high temperatures and extreme acid and caustic pH conditions. Unique billet style ORP electrodes completely eliminate glass from the process thus further eliminating potential breakage.

Industrial Grade Mounting Options and Accessories

Barben Analytical provides a comprehensive offering of accessories to ensure convenient, safe and economical installation into your applications. In-line, submersible and hot tap (retractable through an isolation ball valve) are all standard options. In-line sensors with quick change “Nut Lock” adapters, rated to 300 psig, allow for easy access for calibration or maintenance in an isolated sample stream. In-line high pressure housings allow for operations up to 2,500 psig. Hot-Tap or Ball-valve retraction systems, rated to 300 psig allow for direct use into process without the need for sample or bypass lines. We offer hardware in 316 Stainless, Titanium and Hastelloy C-276, sensor bodies in Kynar and PEEK and seals in Viton® ExtremeTM, EPDM, and FFKM (Kalrez) to meet the specific demands of your process.

Interconnection with Existing pH and ORP Analyzers

Performance Series sensors are compatible with all major manufacturer’s pH analyzers with voltage input. Temperature compensation options for PT100, PT1000, 3kΩ (Balco), and 8550Ω (Honeywell) ensure full compatibility with existing analyzers. Now you can upgrade your process without replacing your field instrument. Wiring diagrams for many analyzers can be found at 

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    The Barben Analytical Performance Series products are 3rd generation combination pH/ORP electrodes targeted at harsh, industrial measurement applications.

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