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546 pH/ORP Sensor with High Pressure Hot Tap Installation Hardware

546 w HP Hot Tap
Isolation Ball-Valve "Hot Tap" pH Sensor Application

The 546 pH Sensor with High Pressure Hot Tap Installation Hardware.
*Max 300 PSIG @ 80°C - 40 PSIG @ MAX 130°C Installation shown is for example purposes only.
  • 546 pH Sensor +

    546 pH Sensor

    • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases pH electrode lifespan in harsh applications
    • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
    • Specialized glass formulations
    • Universally compatible with all manufacturer's analyzers
    • 3/4 inch NPT process connection mates with jet cleaner and brush scrubber accessories
    The 546 online pH Sensor is the ideal design for submersed applications in open vessels. Use the 3/4 inch NPT process connection to mount directly into the jet cleaners and brush scrubbers listed below. 1.5 inch insertion tip recommended for use with jet cleaners. 0.5 inch insertion tip recommended for use in brush cleaner installations. Additional Sensor Info
  • High Pressure Hot Tap Hardware +

    High pressure hot tap hardware

    • Insertion system for high pressure process lines or vessels
    • Maximum temperature: 130°C, Maximum pressure: 300 PSIG
    • Integral retraction housing with flush ports to facilitate cleaning and calibration
    • Utilizes standard 546 pH sensors
    • Double O-ring seals for retention of process
    • Anti-blowout flange for improved safety
    • Mechanical stop lock collar- Not a compression fitting
    • Unique sensor guide to insure mechanical stability to high flow rates and thick slurries

    The high pressure hot tap assembly provides reduced insertion pressure in industrial slurries and scaling processes. The unique stop lock collar is integrated with the insertion handle to provide the same insertion depth each time. Once inserted, the rotating handle can be threaded into place to securely hold the pH electrode in the process. Available in both 316 Stainless and Titanium wetted materials.
    Additional Accessory Info