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RMA/Warranty Authorization Form

5200 Convair Drive
Carson City, NV 89706, USA
Telephone: +1 (775) 883-2500
Fax: +1 (775) 883-6388

Barben Analytical needs to issue an RMA# prior to shipment in order to properly receive and track the received items through our system. Please complete all items possible and email to or fax to +1 (775) 883-6388.

If the item is a pH/ORP sensor: The sensor must be capped and wetted at all times (liquids in the cap can be tap water, process water, buffers). Sensor MUST NOT be RETURNED DRY.

Please also consider calling our inside tech support (775-883-2500) before sending back to check for the sometimes overlooked issues (e.g. wiring, transmitter settings, etc.). Barben Analytical is wet & electrically testing each sensor prior to sending out, so we have a high confidence that it was working upon receipt.

Contact & Company Info

Order Info

'Ship To' address once evaluation/replacement is completed

Process/Application Information

Possible items to help in troubleshooting / evaluation

End User Contact Info (If different from above)