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  • pH Probes and ORP Probes
    pH & ORP Sensors

    The Barben Analytical Performance Series products are 3rd generation combination pH/ORP electrodes targeted at harsh, industrial measurement applications. High pressures, strong chemicals, and elevated temperatures typically shorten the lifespan of conventional double-junction pH probes. In these applications the Performance Series sensor offers extended sensor lifespan, as well as decreased drift, and longer calibration intervals.Each sensor is manufactured with our patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology, proprietary Low-Noise & High-Temp Signal Cable along with proprietary ruggedized, high temp and coat resistant glass formulations.A wide selection of sensor body styles and process fittings in a variety of corrosion resistant materials allow direct replacement of short-lived OEM pH/ORP sensors. Barben Performance Series sensors are compatible with all major manufacturers of pH analyzers and transmitters. Upgrade your analytical measurement without the hassle and expense of replacing costly field instruments.

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  • Conductivity Probes, Conductivity Sensors
    Conductivity Sensors

    Conductivity sensors measure the specific conductance of liquid processes. The specific conductance is directly related to the presence of ionic species and their concentration. Barben Analytical offers a full range of two electrode and four electrode contacting conductivity sensors for a variety of industrial measurement applications.

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  • Optical Oxygen Analyzers
    Optical Oxygen

    Barben Analytical offers optical oxygen analyzers utilizing quench luminescence technology. The analyzers measure 25% O2 down to trace, 0.5 ppm O2, suitable for use in Haz. Loc. (FM:CID2, TUV:ATEX Zone2) and process streams including hydrocarbons, H2, H2S, Salts, Amines and CO2 without degradation.  The sensors are membrane free and able to work in dirty, high particulate and high moisture streams.

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  • Transmitters
    Transmitters & Analyzers

    Barben Analytical's Performance Series pH and ORP Sensors are compatible with most major manufacturer's pH electronics (Rosemount, Foxboro, Yokogawa, ABB, Endress & Hauser). For end-users looking for pH analyzers, Barben has partnered with Rosemount Analytical to provide best-in-class pH measurement.

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