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546 pH/ORP Sensor with Junction Box

546 with Junction Box
  • 546 pH Sensor +

    546 pH Sensor

    • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases pH electrode lifespan in harsh applications
    • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
    • Specialized glass formulations
    • Universally compatible with all manufacturer's analyzers
    • 3/4 inch NPT process connection mates with jet cleaner and brush scrubber accessories
    The 546 online pH Sensor is the ideal design for submersed applications in open vessels. Use the 3/4 inch NPT process connection to mount directly into the jet cleaners and brush scrubbers listed below. 1.5 inch insertion tip recommended for use with jet cleaners. 0.5 inch insertion tip recommended for use in brush cleaner installations. Additional Sensor Info
  • Junction Box +

    Junction Box         
    • Mounts on the rear of the sensor. Provides easy access to wiring.
    • Prevents unwanted twisting of the cable when the sensor is unthreaded from the process.

        Additional Accessory Info