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Upstream Industry

  • Natural Gas Amine Sweetening
    Natural Gas Amine Sweetening (pH & Oxygen)

    Application note for the issues with the amine sweetening of natural gas. Amine sweetening is a frequently used method for removing H2S and CO2 from natural gas. Amines are nitrogen-based organic compounds.

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  • Natural Gas Production
    Natural Gas Extraction (Oxygen)

    Application Note - Oxygen measurement in natural gas. Worldwide, natural gas is becoming an increasingly popular fuel due to its abundance and clean burning properties.

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  • SAGD Water Treatment
    SAGD Water Treatment (pH/ORP & Dissolved Oxygen)

    Application Note - pH and Oxygen Measurements in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Operations. SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) is an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process common in oil sands deposits such as those found in central Canada.

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  • Shale Gas
    Shale Gas (pH/ORP)

    Application Note - pH measurement in produced and flowback water treatment used in hydraulic fracturing. In this paper we will explore the water treatment aspect of this process and how Barben liquid analysis products can provide reliable measurements for these processes.

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  • Vapor Recovery Units
    Vapor Recovery Units (Oxygen)

    Application Note discussing the increasing role of vapor recovery units in Upstream oil & gas and the need for oxygen measurement. Oilfield production has traditionally captured high value crude oil while venting or flaring lesser-value natural gas.

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