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  • AIP Technology
    pH & ORP

    The Barben Analytical Performance Series probe is a simple combination pH/ORP electrode. It is the best available pH/ORP sensor on the market for Industrial or “tough processes.” In +90% of industrial applications the reference cell is the main cause of sensor failure. Chemical attack from the process liquid, plugging by particulates, and contamination of the electrolyte are all common reference failure modes. The Barben electrode has a unique, patented reference cell - Axial Ion Path®, which allows it to last much longer than traditional double reference junction designs. The Axial Ion Path® reference provides higher stability and therefore better accuracy between calibrations.

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  • Conductivity

    Conductivity sensors measure the specific conductance of liquid processes. The specific conductance is directly related to the presence of ionic species and their concentration. Barben Analytical offers a full range of two electrode and four electrode contacting conductivity sensors for a variety of industrial measurement applications.

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  • Oxygen Measurement via fluorescent quenching
    Optical Luminescent Oxygen

    Oxygen probes measure the partial pressure of both dissolved oxygen and gaseous oxygen. Barben Analyzer Technology probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which mated with a fiber optic cable. This assembly is built into high grade stainless steel fittings. The oxygen probes show an excellent long-term stability and can withstand rough process conditions. Barben oxygen probes operate in industrial process control of, trace to percent level O2 measurement.

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