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Biogas (pH & Oxygen)

Bio Energy Facility

Biogas is a common term for a hydrocarbon gas mixture generated from landfills, waste water treatment, animal manure, and other sources. It is estimated that there are 2000+ biogas generation sites in the United States and over 10,000 sites within Europe. Biogas is considered environmentally friendly since it is a carbon neutral energy source. In this paper we will look at the analytical measurements used in biogas purification.

OXYvisor with Sensor and Flowcell


Barben Analytical's OXYvisor™ Optical Oxygen Analyzer offers a better method to handle biogas O2 measurements. The presence of oxygen inhibits the generating capacity of a biogas facility, so it is imperative to select a technology that offers the best trace O2 monitoring capabilities. Fluorescence quenching technology provides trace PPM oxygen measurement with no risk of damaging the sensor in the application, which can be a costly issue with many analyzers.
547 with BVA and Hand Tight
551 with Nut Lock

Barben Performance Series pH sensors provide a unique solution for online pH measurement in scrubber applications. The Axial Ion Path® reference design greatly slows the ingress of H2S providing two to three times the lifespan when compared with traditional double junction pH sensor designs. A large Teflon junction used in the front of the Barben pH sensor provides a difficult to plug, large surface area, which is easy to clean in high build-up applications.